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Columbia Academy is a privately owned and operated tutoring and learning center, serving students from a wide area in North New Jersey, including East Hanover, Florham Park, Livingston, Parsippany, Whippany, Roseland, Caldwell, Verona, and West Orange. Throughout the year, our learning center offers after-school math, reading, and writing individual on-campus and in-home tutoring, small group tutoring, academic enrichment programs, classroom programs, standardized and AP test preparation, chess classes for elementary, middle, and high school students, and a piano level test for students around the world. All of the tutoring programs, classes, and courses complement regular academic programs, are designed to assist students in meeting academic standards in core subjects, and allow them to improve their knowledge and skills in math, reading, and writing. Our highly qualified math tutors, teachers, and instructors provide math help to students of all academic levels in every subject of math ranging from elementary to high school math. Students can quickly learn and comprehend the material, acquire and master the skills necessary to improve their academic performance and succeed in school. Columbia Academy provides the opportunity to develop students' unique interests, uncover their hidden talents, and experience satisfaction in accomplishments. These tutoring services and programs are tailored for both highly capable and motivated independent learners or gifted students who want to be challenged, and for students who need help catching up. Small classes and individual approach ensures learning progress of every student. Students completing our programs will have a solid foundation for success in school math, reading, and writing.

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The most critical element for students' future success is the quality of instruction the students receive every year and students who learn math well each year will undoubtedly succeed the following year. Our teachers and tutors follow a comprehensive curriculum to work with students in individual, small group, and classroom settings. Their expert knowledge and extensive experience in teaching and tutoring, including elementary and middle school mathematics, algebra 1, geometry, trigonometry, algebra 2, pre-calculus, and calculus ensure the effectiveness of instruction. A math tutor or a math teacher can quickly identify areas that need improvement, and assess the impact of improvement strategies. A math tutor can help students improve their grades and test scores, develop a positive attitude towards math, and provide homework help. A writing tutor can help students pinpoint areas of strengths and weaknesses and improve their spelling, grammar, and vocabulary to prepare for more advanced writing assignments. It is well established that a math or writing tutor can save valuable time by providing essential assistance to your child and we strive to deliver outstanding educational services to help our students to succeed in school and beyond. Our math lessons and programs allow students to receive condensed, intensive, and detailed math instruction in the specific segments of math needed to move on to the next level without having to complete the entire school math course. They include a considerable amount of advanced content, which is far beyond the standard approach to school mathematics. Students can work on the specific topics that need improvement and to challenge themselves to reach a higher level of achievement. Our goal is to offer all students the opportunity to learn challenging math in a fun and creative environment from highly effective math teachers who will link to the background, needs, and cultures of all students. Our chess lessons are designed to develop critical thinking, strategic planning, and creative problem solving skills. Students play chess and participate in chess tournaments with other students.

Students may choose from traditional courses offered in classroom settings, one-on-one in-home or on-campus tutoring sessions. These afford the students more flexibility in scheduling and be available for other after-school programs and activities. Students enroll in our classes, math tutoring courses, and programs by completing the application and returning it to Columbia Academy. Application materials are available on our site and can also be requested over the phone. Enrollment is limited and is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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Our individual and small group tutoring, classroom programs, and test preparation programs are available at Caldwell University in Caldwell, New Jersey.

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