Our Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy encourages students to improve study skills. Active learning strategies are used in our after-school programs, enrichment programs, summer programs, and summer classes.Columbia Academy is unwavering in its commitment to providing the outstanding education. We believe that learning is a life long process, developing confidence enhances learning. Each child is a unique individual, who has both strengths and weaknesses and requires individual attention. As a result, all of our individual tutoring, small group tutoring, and classroom programs are designed to address individual needs of every student. Our teaching philosophy is based on the developmental approach to education, learner-centered, with emphasis on group interaction and hands-on, practical training methods. We value the uniqueness and individuality of all students and allow them to develop at his/her own pace. For each student, learning strategies are developed that maximize the student's strengths.

Study Skills. After-School Programs.

At Columbia Academy learning and tutoring center, we are committed to excellence in education. Regardless of the current achievement level, we help students meet their goal for academic success. Our highly qualified math tutors and teachers provide a dynamic and fast adaptive learning environment ensuring your child’s success.

Our goals are:

  • to encourage active learning
  • to help students develop and improve math, reading, and writing study skills and knowledge necessary to improve their academic performance and succeed in school
  • to develop and master effective learning strategies to enhance student learning
  • to help increase students’ readiness for the next academic challenge
  • to help students learn, understand, and master the content and concepts through our after-school programs, individual tutoring (one-on-one tutoring), small group tutoring, classroom, and enrichment programs
  • to help students develop confidence and maximize their potential so that they can interact successfully, productively, and happily with society

Our year-round programs include after-school enrichment and classroom programs, individual tutoring, small group tutoring, summer programs and summer classes, and test prep for elementary, middle, and high school students in New Jersey. We provide high quality and affordable tutoring that allows students to improve their academic performance in school almost immediately. Professional teachers and tutors, employed by the learning center, strive to enable all children to experience success and achieve their full potential academically and socially. Our academic programs help your child build a solid foundation for his/her future.

Important News:

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Our individual and small group tutoring, classroom programs, and test preparation programs are available at Caldwell University in Caldwell, New Jersey.

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