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Piano Level Test

Our piano level test is designed to determine the level of piano knowledge and skills, which correspond to a certain grade in piano. The piano level test provides students and their parents a specific measure of the students’ progress and attainment in relation to educational standards, allows them to assess the piano teachers’ productivity, and to communicate to others what students’ current abilities in piano performance are in an objective manner. The test also allows piano teachers to gauge the potential of new students’ ability and skills. Students’ performance on the test is measured by understanding of style, character, musical form, interpretation of the musical language, its elements and symbols with an understanding of the emotional side and expression.

Piano level test provides a specific measure of the students’ progress and attainment in relation to educational standards.There are nine grades, numbered progressively in order of difficulty from 1 to 9. Candidates may be entered for any test irrespective of age and they are not required to have previously taken any other grade. The test contains carefully selected repertoire from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary periods and consists of two sessions for each of nine piano musicianship levels.

First session is held on the second Sunday in November of each year. Applicants are tested on:

  1. Scales;
  2. Technic piece; and
  3. Baroque or Classical piece.

Second session is held on the second Sunday in May of each year. Applicants are tested on:

  1. Romantic or Contemporary piece; and
  2. Analysis of one of the pieces (of a student’s choice). Analysis consist of musical form, style, tempo, character, phrasing, melody, rhythm, texture, harmony, articulation, and pedal.

For applicants residing in New Jersey, each session is held in Caldwell University, located at 120 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell, New Jersey 07006. Applicants residing in another state or country, please contact us for available test centers in your area.

To order the test syllabus and music and performance requirements, please submit the syllabus fee in the amount of $40 via PayPal. Within 72 hours after we receive a payment notification from PayPal, the test materials and the information about your test, including duration of the test, requirements for each grade, and other test specific information along with an application form will be emailed to your payment email address, or other email address you specified in your instructions to us. Once you review the test materials and decide to take the test, please fill out the application form and mail the completed form along with your payment, according to the fee schedule below, to Columbia Academy, LLC at 4 Lyons Place, East Hanover, New Jersey 07936. We accept personal checks or money orders in U.S. dollars made payable to Columbia Academy, LLC.

$40.00 (plus tax where applicable)


First Session

Second Session

One, Two, Three



Four, Five, Six



Seven, Eight, Nine



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