Pre-Calculus Tutoring Course

Are you looking for pre-calculus help? Our tutoring and learning center offers three types of math programs designed for students who want to improve their knowledge in pre-calculus.

  1. Individual tutoring: one-on-one tutoring in-home or on-campus tutoring sessions.
  2. Small group tutoring. Our regular small group tutoring programs (2 - 5 students) are one hour long and held throughout the academic year from September to June. They provide an excellent combination of individualized instruction with one of our math tutors and the benefits of collaborative study with others. Students may bring the homework assigned by their respective teachers to their learning center classes and our tutors will help them with their specific assignments. In addition, our math tutors can cover the missed skills and provide additional instruction on challenging material in our own classes. Students enroll in our small group math tutoring programs by completing an application and returning it to the Columbia Academy tutoring and learning center. Enrollment is open throughout the year. A monthly commitment is required.
  3. Classroom math program. The entire classroom math program is divided into three consecutive sessions and covers the following topics:
  • Linear relations and functions
  • Functions and their graphs
  • Polynomial and rational functions
  • Exponential and logarithmic functions
  • Trigonometry
  • Conics
  • Vectors and parametric equations
  • Polar coordinates and complex numbers

Upon completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Use and interpret functions given graphically, numerically, symbolically, and verbally
  • Find the composition of functions and their domains
  • Identify even and odd functions and recognize their symmetries
  • Use the parent graphs of simple polynomial, absolute value and step functions to describe and sketch the graphs of related functions
  • Determine inverses of relations and functions and graph them
  • Determine continuity of a function, end behavior of a functions and increasing / decreasing intervals of a function
  • Find the extrema of a function
  • Graph rational functions and determine asymptotes
  • Solve equations containing rational exponents
  • Graph exponential functions and inequalities
  • Solve problems involving exponential growth and decay
  • Evaluate expressions involving logarithms
  • Solve, and graph logarithmic equations and inequalities
  • Find the values of the six trig functions: using the unit circle; using a point on a terminal/side of an angle in standard position
  • Evaluate inverse trig functions
  • Solve and find the area of triangles using the law of sines and cosines
  • Graph trigonometric functions and their inverses, find amplitude period phase shift and vertical translation
  • Use trigonometric identities
  • Solve trigonometric equations and inequalities
  • Use and determine the standard and general forms of the equation of a circle, an ellipse, a hyperbola, and a parabola
  • Graph conics
  • Recognize conic sections represented by their equations
  • Perform operations on vectors algebraically and geometrically in a plane and three-dimensional space
  • Solve application problems using vectors and right triangle trigonometry
  • Write vector and parametric equations of lines
  • Graph polar equations
  • Convert between polar and rectangular coordinates
  • Write and graph the polar form of a linear equation

Each session is 12 weeks long. The class meets once a week for one hour. Separate registration for each session ensures that the session you have chosen best meets your child's needs and it will not interfere with his/her other after-school activities during the year. Please refer to the Schedule page for specific dates when the sessions begin and end.

Pre-calculus small group tutoring course number: 1113-1
Pre-calculus classroom program number: 1113-2

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