Columbia Academy is a privately owned and operated tutoring center serving students from a wide area in North New Jersey. Throughout the year, Columbia Academy offers after-school one-on-one and small group math tutoring, academic enrichment programs, standardized and AP test preparation, piano lessons, chess classes, and a piano level test.

All of the tutoring programs, classes, and courses complement regular academic programs and are designed to assist students in meeting academic standards in core subjects. Our programs are tailored for both highly capable and motivated independent learners or gifted students who want to be challenged, and for students who need help catching up.

Columbia Academy provides the opportunity to develop students' unique interests, uncover their hidden talents, and experience satisfaction in accomplishments.

Math Tutoring

Highly qualified math tutors provide help to students of all academic levels in every subject of math ranging from elementary to high school math.

Students can quickly learn and comprehend the material, acquire and master the skills necessary to improve their academic performance and succeed in school.
Chess Lessons

Chess lessons are designed to develop critical thinking, strategic planning, and creative problem solving skills.

Through a commitment to excellence, every student receives appropriate instruction based on their individual needs and our chess tutors help them to develop gaming skills.

Students play chess and participate in chess tournaments with other students.
Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are taught by Alla Iovel, MM, MA - a long-established piano teacher with a private piano studio located in East Hanover, New Jersey who considers it a privilege to share her extensive (over 35 years) piano teaching experience and thorough pedagogical background with everyone, as well as her proven, unique methods of teaching the piano. It has given her the ability to teach any musical style to anyone.
Piano Level Test

Piano level test is designed to determine the level of piano knowledge and skills, which correspond to a certain grade in piano. The piano level tests provide students and their parents a specific measure of the students’ progress and attainment in relation to educational standards, allow them to assess the piano teachers’ productivity, and to communicate to others what students’ current abilities in piano performance are in an objective manner.

Students may choose from traditional on-campus tutoring sessions or one-on-one in-home lessons. These afford the students more flexibility in scheduling and be available for other after-school programs and activities.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Columbia Academy is unwavering in its commitment to providing the outstanding education. We believe that learning is a life long process, developing confidence enhances learning.

Our teaching philosophy is based on the developmental approach to education, learner-centered, with emphasis on group interaction and hands-on, practical training methods. We value the uniqueness and individuality of all students.

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