Math Tutoring for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

Individual tutoring: one-on-one tutoring in-home or on-campus tutoring sessions.
● Small group tutoring provides professional assistance with homework, test, and exam preparation. Students may bring the homework assigned by their respective teachers to their learning center classes and our math tutors will help them with their specific assignments. In addition, our math tutors can cover the missed skills and provide additional instruction on challenging material in our own classes. Our regular small group tutoring programs (2 - 5 students) are one hour long and held throughout the academic year from September to June. They provide an excellent combination of individualized instruction with one of our math tutors and the benefits of collaborative study with others. Enrollment is open throughout the year. A monthly commitment is required.
● Test preparation for the math portion of most standardized tests and college entrance exams, including SAT/PSAT, ACT, and GMAT.

The Columbia Academy curriculum is aligned to the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI).

Our experienced and highly qualified math teachers focus on developing essential math skills with emphasis on critical and higher order thinking skills, problem solving ability, and mathematical reasoning. In our tutoring math programs students study topics systematically and from different perspectives, acquiring a broader and deeper knowledge as they progress. All topics are introduced with simple exercises and then the difficulty level gradually increases. Almost everything students do in math class will depend on topics that they have previously learned and each subsequent math lesson builds upon the material mastered in the previous math class. Throughout the tutoring courses, all important concepts are revisited several times in variety of contexts and learning math activities.

On-campus programs are held at Caldwell University.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Columbia Academy is unwavering in its commitment to providing the outstanding education. We believe that learning is a life long process, developing confidence enhances learning.

Our teaching philosophy is based on the developmental approach to education, learner-centered, with emphasis on group interaction and hands-on, practical training methods. We value the uniqueness and individuality of all students.

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