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Join our virtual classroom, which is equipped with state-of-the-art real-time collaboration tools, such as a whiteboard, live chatting, screen and document sharing, and has other dynamic features. Our online chess classes serve students of all ages and different levels of experience from around the world.

Traditional Classroom Chess Programs

In our chess lessons, students learn chess strategy and chess tactics. Our chess tutors teach students how to play chess.Our on-campus chess classroom programs are designed for K-12 students from a wide area in North New Jersey, including East Hanover, Florham Park, Livingston, Parsippany, Whippany, Roseland, Caldwell, Verona, and West Orange. Through a commitment to excellence, every student receives appropriate instruction based on their individual needs and our chess tutors help them to develop gaming skills. While beginners learn how to play chess, advanced players can improve analytical combination visualization and master their tactical skills in chess. Students learn chess rules, complete theory of chess strategy, including opening strategy, middle-game play, and endgame strategy, chess tactics and calculation, attack and defense, evaluation and converting a material advantage, counterattack, and all aspects of any situation that may occur on the chess board.

Chess lessons taught by national master James R. West at the Columbia Academy learning center

Our chess lessons run 1 hour and are scheduled weekly or can be taken twice a week. Each traditional chess class consists of a theoretical lecture followed by a practical session, where the students have the opportunity for supervised play with other students of similar levels. The content of each chess lesson within the curriculum is determined by its chess tutor (chess coach) according to the student’s appropriate level and additional home assignment can be given to reinforce and extend the lesson. All of the students participate in chess tournaments. The first traditional chess class is free for new students at Caldwell University. If you live in North New Jersey and would like to register for your first free chess class, please refer to the Applications and Forms page and follow the registration instructions on that page.

Start Learning Chess Online Now

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Start Learning Chess Online Now

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Join our online, virtual classroom or call us now at 973-387-1940 to learn more and to register for your first free on-campus chess class!

Our on-campus chess classes meet at Caldwell University in Caldwell, New Jersey and are available via live, online virtual classroom.

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